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I highly recommend to attend Trianon Scientific Communication's executive training, regarding the level of expertise and the practical advices you will gather.
It is a must have.

Nicolas D,  Managing partner

Stay tuned

...It was refreshing to see these concepts embraced, cast into strategies, and put into action
not by people from an HR background but by scientists.
Their scientific background
certainly helps them when it comes to analysing data and spotting the trends hidden therein.
To conclude, I can wholeheartedly recommend Trianon Scientific communication as advisors in the fields of
Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Nicolas D, Managing partner

... The panel had four speakers but only one of them could truly speak...YOU.
You have a great tonality in your voice and your gestures are super engaging.
Your message was powerfully put and extremely relevant.
The rest of the speakers were boring in comparison.

Melanie H., founder

"Quand Audrey raconte une histoire, c'est super inspirant."
Vous nous rendez compte, sans détours, des réalités ambiantes et des changements nécessaires aujourd'hui dans nos sociétés.
Bravo et merci de transmettre votre message, votre rire et votre énergie !

Zoltán, CEO

J'ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à écouter votre présentation et à y participer avec les YP d' Engie.
Merci pour votre engagement.

Anne R., Project manager

 I can highlight the consultants' solid people management skills.
They combine strong leadership with a solid team player attitude and ability to empower people.
They are very good at training and motivating others at the same time that they adapt their management attitude to different people personalities and needs, creating a motivational and pleasant working environment.

Reyes M., Program manager

Thank you for an informative and fun session. I have learned a lot!

Ilse N., CEO

The experts of Trianon Scientific Communication were a great source of ideas to build a sustainable supply chain, identifying both principles to follow and potential players to work with. They also helped me along the way to identify funding opportunities, even helping me craft my pitch. I also appreciated their skill as project managers, keeping everything moving and on track, and delivering on what they said they would.

Diane N.,CEO

Your workshops on sustainability were exceptional and very informative. I have learned a lot, and I thank you for that.

Paschasie G., CFO

Clear, simple and step-by-step support. Strong knowledge and expertise and takes the time to understand DEI and sustainability challenges inside businesses. Fast, in-depth service.

Madeleine D.,CEO

Audrey-Flore est une oratrice hors pair: intelligente, captivante, drôle et engagée! 

Comment ne pas être accrochée à ses lèvres quand Audrey-Flore prend la parole? 

Une de ses plus grandes forces est sans aucun doute la vulgarisation.

Multi-diplômée, elle parvient à captiver son audience en rendant compréhensibles des sujets très éloignés des domaines de compétence et de connaissance de son audience. Un autre point qui me séduit chez Audrey-Flore, c'est son engagement sans limites pour un monde plus inclusif. On a tous tellement besoin d’hommes et de femmes qui se battent intelligemment pour un monde plus juste .

Audrey H., CEO

"I watched Dr. Ngomsik speak at the Department for International Trade’s (DIT) event for Belgian and UK companies from diverse and minority backgrounds and at another event titled "Why startup-fundraising is one of the most tangible (gender and race) diversity gaps".

During both events, Dr. Ngomsik's knowledge, expertise, and ability to communicate complex ideas into easily understandable anecdotes and examples were on full display.

An obviously talented speaker, I recommend Dr. Ngomsik for any and all events on sustainability, leadership, and innovation."

Tino C., Investor

I attended a talk on sustainable fashion at The Nine in Brussels.

That was interesting, very informative and fun.

She managed to create an atmosphere where people felt comfortable to ask questions, share and exchange in an open and enjoyable manner.

Emmanuelle A., CEO

J'apprécie le travail sérieux et précis proposé par Trianon Scientific Communication. L'engagement de l'équipe sur la thématique du développement durable peut être profitable à toutes les entreprises.

Patrick C., MD

Audrey est une personne formidable qui, depuis le lancement de ma start up, est toujours d’excellent conseil! Je ne connais pas de personne plus impliquée et efficace qu’elle! Elle a une joie de vivre communicative qui rend toute collaboration ultra positive! Merci à toi pour tout!

Sophie B., CEO

Très bon coaching avec Trianon Scientific Communication qui a su comprendre mon besoin et adapter les actions à mettre en place. Leur connaissance du marché ainsi que leurs années d'expériences font gagner un temps fou pour saisir les bonnes opportunités en fonction d'un public qui n'est pas toujours facilement accessible.
Action, réaction, et très bonne énergie !

Charline L., MD

Sometimes, we meet people who become an inspiration and the consultants of Trianon Scientific Communication are among them.
We have lead successful and rewarding projects together, thanks to their perseverance and their ability to federate stakeholders.
With them, objectives were clear, expectations were defined, and they were always available to help us.
I saw them encouraging collaborators, accompanying them throughout the changes and taking their time for everyone who needed it, so that we could all meet the challenges that we were facing as a team.
I have worked with Audrey, more closely. She is a frank woman who is not afraid to disagree when it is necessary and who defends her ideas until the end.
She knows how to be stubborn in the right measure, which helps to raise teams to a higher level.
It has been a pleasure to work with her.

Meghan C., Program manager

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They trust us

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